Kamis, 01 April 2010

My Time

if i can make kind of conditional wish,
i'd make a wish,
if time turned back
i were re-born and raised holy as a child,
grown up as one of the best muslims,
going away from sins
as far as i can go
as if i smelled it so bad
getting closer to do the righteous deeds
as much as i can do
as if i smelled it so good
leaving 100% what is not from islam (man-made laws e.g secularism,democracy) in every single thing of my life
adopting 100% what is from islam (Allah-made law e.g islamic shari'a based upon the Qur'an and as sunnah) in every single thing in my life
as the only option in my life
doing what i must do for the call into Allah's deen ul haq i.e islam
as maximum as i can
so i have no worry before i die
whether i miss something or not
doing my best for the family,myself and dawah
as maximum as i can
so i have no worry too before i die
whether i miss something or not

but what can i say?
that was a conditional sentence
in fact,
time never turns back
time comes only once in a life time
i can neither change whatever in my past nor erase my sins in the past,present,and future
they've been noted in the record book by the angels in the commandment of Allah on judgement day
i've felt lotsa personal lack in many ways
i've felt lotsa regrets

all i can do now;
i pray to Allah,
Lord,condone my sins
as long as you give me time to live
give me time
to pay for what i owe You
to pay for what i owe Your faithful slaves among the believers-my bro and sist in islam
to struggle for Your deen-ul-haq i.e.islam
(this includes for Your shari'a and caliphate re-establishment)
as maximum as i can do

since i realise; there's much to be done in such a limited time;
"by the time.verily,man is in loss,except such as have faith,and do righteous deeds,and join together in the mutual enjoining of truth,and of patience and constancy" (Qs al ashr : 1-3)

since i realise; in my time for the rest of my life;
"Allah doth wish to make clear to you
and to guide you
into the ways of those before you
amd He doth wish to turn to you in mercy.
and Allah is all-knowing,all-wise" (Qs an nisaa' : 26)

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